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Navy Spring Football Practice . . . Breaking It All Down

April 19, 2023 Episode 48
Navy Sports Central
Navy Spring Football Practice . . . Breaking It All Down
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In this episode, we'll be breaking down how things went for the football team now that spring practices have been completed. Coach Chestnut has begun overhauling the triple option. And Coach Volker is putting the pieces in place to raise the Navy defense to an even higher level . . . all under the watchful eye of Coach Newberry. 

Join me as I get you caught up on that, and we'll have our Ask Me Anything, Question of the Day, and Mid Watch features as well. So stick around!

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We want to hear from you! Give us your answer to our Question of the Day. Here is the one for this episode:

Navy’s offense averaged just over 85 passing yards per game last season. The new option-based system that Coach Grant Chestnut is installing will feature more run-pass option plays out of the shotgun and other quick-hitting passes out to the perimeter.  Knowing that, how many passing yards per game do you think the Mids will average this year?

  1. 90-99 yards
  2. 100-109 yards
  3. 110-119 yards
  4. 120 yards or more
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