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What if I told you about a group of elite college athletes who compete in 35 different sports at one of the toughest institutions in the nation. For them, it’s not about name, image, and licensing or any other kind of major endorsement deal. Because at the end of the day, their ultimate goal is to serve their country. Join Karl Darden, the host of Navy Sports Central as he shares the stories of the athletes who attend the United States Naval Academy. These young men and women represent the best our country has to offer. They compete at a high level on both the national and world stage, and their stories have mostly gone untold. I’m here to change all of that. With Navy Sports Central, you'll get the latest news on the athletes, and the teams in action, gain some unique insights in our Deep Dive segment and hear from some great guests along the way. So please join Karl Darden and follow Navy Sports Central wherever you get your podcasts to learn more about these incredible athletes and our nation’s future leaders
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